5 Outsider’s Guide to Self-Care

What is self-care, anyway? Boonie and Rachel explore living in a world that both promotes self-care as necessary and condemns it as selfish. Self-care can feel like just another thing to check off on your list of duties. But what if it’s more about fun and play? What does good self-care look like for you?


  • “It’s really important to listen to yourself … as opposed to trying to figure out what the heck society wants you to do to take care of your own self.”
  • “Self-care can look like play.”
  • “Life is short. If you’re doing something that you think is self-care and it doesn’t make you happy at all … it’s OK to stop doing that.”
  • “If you’re a giver … you have to sooner or later check your reserves and see what’s left and if you need to do something to take care of you.”




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