3 What Makes Good Therapy?

Boonie and Rachel have a lot of experience with psychotherapy — from both sides of the couch. Boonie is now a coach for artists, geeks, and gamers, and Rachel is a licensed therapist for the creative community. In this episode, we hope to demystify the therapeutic process, and we also discuss our opinions about what makes good therapy. Some issues we explore include:


  1. What is “informed consent” and why is it important?
  2. Is therapy really confidential?
  3. What are the differences between going to therapy and talking to a good friend?
  4. How do I know if my therapist and I are a good fit?
  5. How will I know when I’m done with therapy?


“It feels comforting, yet scary at the same time, to know that someone is going to sit and be present in all your vulnerabilities.”
“When you have a friend, it’s more like a two-way street … A therapeutic relationship is not like that, nor should it be like that.”
“(Good therapy) feels like you’re making music with someone — it’s impromptu, but somehow the melody just works.”
(And listen closely for an appearance from Boonie’s dog in the background.) 😃
Here are two popular sites to search if you’re looking for a therapist:
You can find Boonie at: Organized Messes
You can find Rachel at: Rachel Moore, LMFT 


Disclaimer: Our conversations in Sparkles Podcast are not to be used in lieu of psychotherapy, and we’re not offering professional advice; we’re sharing our personal thoughts and opinions. Please feel free to disagree and seek out other views, because you are the expert of you.