2 What Makes Creative People Different?



In this second episode of Sparkles Podcast, Boonie and Rachel discuss what makes creative people different from other types of people. They also dive into their own experiences living creative lives and discuss how they each may or may not fit the stereotype of a “creative person.” Enjoy!



“Life is to be experienced.”

“Everything is salvageable; everything can be saved with creativity.”

“I cannot do a job that I don’t like just for the sake of money or prestige.”

“This (creative) path is extremely difficult, but it’s to honor your heart and honor who you really are.”

“Artists are vital to the evolution of our society…we need to hear your voice.”




Disclaimer: Our conversations in Sparkles Podcast are not to be used in lieu of psychotherapy, and we’re not offering professional advice; we’re sharing our personal thoughts and opinions. Please feel free to disagree and seek out other views, because you are the expert of you.