1 Origin Stories

Welcome to our first official Sparkles Podcast episode! Boonie and Rachel are excited to share this adventure with you. In this episode, they explore their “origin stories,” including:

-The first time they encountered the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and what it means to be an XNFP (INFP & ENFP) and live with a “large purpose”
-What it’s like to be a highly sensitive person and courageous at the same time
-Their first experiences with therapy, good and bad, that were triggered by life-or-death situations
-How one of them started out in computer science(!) and the other as a poet, and where their “bouncy” career paths have taken them now
-The importance of art and creativity in their lives and in the world




Disclaimer: Our conversations in Sparkles Podcast are not to be used in lieu of psychotherapy, and we’re not offering professional advice; we’re sharing our personal thoughts and opinions. Please feel free to disagree and seek out other views, because you are the expert of you.