9 Courage & Creativity

Feeling unproductive can be distressing for many of us. We might find ourselves in an existential crisis or think we aren’t good enough. Yet sometimes being stuck or having downtime can be also a blessing, if we have the courage to see it that way. It gives us time to think about what we really want in life and how to go about getting it. In this episode, Boonie and Rachel meditate on the meaning of life. They also discuss finding inspiration in the smaller things, like virtual bunny rabbits and Trader Joe’s treats.


“If we just work nonstop w/out taking a step back and thinking about what we’re living this life for … we’re not going to be doing purposeful things…”

“On the one hand it feels horrible not to contribute for whatever reason, and on the other hand we can use that time to our advantage.”

“Find friends that think that you are capable and worthy, not friends that think you can’t do it without them … when you need that boost, find that people who really know you.”

“Your body knows what to do if your mind and your thoughts don’t get in the way.”


You can find Boonie at: Organized Messes
You can find Rachel at: Rachel Moore, LMFT 


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