8 Video Games part II


Can playing video games really lead to an addiction or a disorder?
Or maybe it’s a tool for coping that sometimes goes too far. There may be things we’re looking for in video games that we’re missing in our real life. And there also may be things we learn from video games that we can bring to our real lives. Let us know what you think!


“I don’t think (playing video games is) a bad thing necessarily, but once you start to discard remnants of the real world for an online one, you may have gone too far.”
“What can you offer the world with what you’ve learned from this game? There’s always something that you got from the game you can gift to other people.”
“There are a lot of things to help a family or relationship in relation to video games … if you can take a step back.”
“It can be more effective and efficient to target the beginning of something rather than the end result.”
“Is technology really the problem, or is it our lack of connection and abilities to balance ourselves the problem — it’s something to think about and not blame.”


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