2.07 The Art of Healing

The Art of Healing - Sparkles Podcast
As therapists and coaches, we learn a lot of techniques of the trade. While it’s important to exercise these standards of care, there is another aspect to healing that is more elusive. You could call this the art of healing. In this episode we explore what that means and how we try to incorporate it into our work as healers. We discuss:
  • What Reiki is and how it can be seen as “an elevated form of prayer.”
  • The connections between Eastern and Western healing modalities.
  • The conditions that lead to change. Boonie: “When you sit with the discomfort, you will change…you will grow.” Rachel: “When you tell the truth, the truth changes.”
  • The tendency for humans to not want to face our shadow selves because it can feel scary to feel vulnerable in that way.
  • How sometimes “slow is fast.”
  • How personal growth is more like a spiral than a straight line.
  • The importance of boundaries in the context of healing relationships
  • How sometimes silence can be the most healing thing of all.
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