2.06 Internal Monologue

Sparkles Podcast Internal Monologue

Internal Monologue!
You know that voice inside your head that comments on things?… Oh, wait, maybe you don’t know! Recently there has been a lot of discussion about the idea of an “internal monologue” and the fact that not everyone has one. We realized one of us has a chatty inner voice, and the other has a very different internal experience. We talk about both of these in this episode,
  • Boonie’s inner network of connections lighting up in her mind instead of words, and how a Sherlock episode helped clarify this for her.
  • Rachel’s ruminating self-talk when she says something silly and feels embarrassed.
  • Boonie putting thoughts “on hold” until there is a chance to process them in an external way.
  • Rachel wondering how having a conscience works without words to go with it. We explore our inner Jiminy Crickets! (Hint: Sometimes conscience shows up in the body.)
  • What it’s like for each of us when we have trouble going to sleep.
  • How intuition shows up for each of us — it involves Tetris.



More info about Myers-Briggs (INFP, ENFP, etc.) and cognitive functions (extraverted intuition, etc.)

Today I Learned That Not Everyone Has An Internal Monologue And It Has Ruined My Day

An Earworm – Wikipedia (Thanks Joel!)

Sherlock’s Mind Palace – YouTube video

Sherlock’s Doomsday Mind Palace (Spoilers) – YouTube

How to Create a Mind Palace – Enigma YouTube Channel

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