2.05 Inner Critic

It may look different for everyone, but most of us can identify with the inner part of themselves that always wants to share a negative opinion. In this episode, Boonie and Rachel talk about what their inner critics look like and how they’ve learned to live with this little protective demons.

  • Boonie says her inner critic is like a little monster that feeds off negativity and keeps her from moving forward in life by using self-doubt and sabotage
  • Rachel talks about her inner critic as a stern teacher who doesn’t smile and says, “You are wrong,” and kills all the positive energy.


We also discuss:

  • How the inner critic’s main goal may be to keep us safe. And although this part may feel “older,” it typically originates from younger parts of ourselves.
  • The differences between useful criticism and unhelpful comments.
  • How questioning your critic and examining where it came from can help you reclaim your power and stand up for yourself.
  • How sometimes criticism from ourselves and others can come from a place of care; acknowledging this intent can help shift the energy and integrate it.
  • Listening to what the inner critic wants — identifying what is mine and what isn’t can help us reconcile it.
  • Creative play can help connect with the inner child and inner critic and lead us to a greater understanding of ourselves.
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