2.02 Ode to Dabblers

If you enjoy something and are good at it, is that always to the detriment of something else? Or perhaps it’s normal for some people to like and be good at a variety of different things. In this episode, Boonie and Rachel explore the art of exploration and why modern Western society seems to have a hard time when some of us refuse to choose a singular path.

  • Boonie says she sometimes needs time away to get back in touch with her authenticity: “I’m not immune to the perceptions of what I should be doing to be a successful person in the eyes of other people or society.”
  • Rachel talks about the courage required to be a creative person: “Art is meant to shine a light on things … and oftentimes that’s not really what the society as a whole wants to see.”
  • Rachel relays some wisdom from the Judge John Hodgman podcast: “Comparison is the thief of joy.”
  • Boonie reveals a secret desire to be a talk show host or a stand-up comedian(!).
  • Boonie talks about how having “baby projects” (not literal babies, but literal projects) can be helpful.
  • Rachel discusses how being a highly sensitive person can also sometimes lead to misunderstanding. 
  • Boonie describes “feeding the map” of your mind when you have many different interests.
  • Rachel shares about ways to keep a sense of novelty and adventure going in what might seem like a monotonous job.
  • Boonie offers advice on knowing when it’s OK to say goodbye and step away from something.
  • Rachel: “Don’t let anyone else tell you what you’re supposed to do.”
  • Boonie: “If someone tells me I shouldn’t do something or can’t do it, a small part of me will do it because I want to prove them wrong” or prove it to myself.
  • Rachel: “The only failure is not trying; we’re gonna try it all… If anything, it’s a good story.”
  • Boonie: “It’s not a failure; it’s something we lived and did.” 
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