2.01 Sparkles Podcast Rides Again!

Welcome back, Sparklers! We’re excited to return and share our musings with all of you. Here are some highlights of our conversation:

  • Boonie talks about her recent battle with depression and how it can feel like a dark, familiar, and not always welcome friend: “I started isolating myself, but it was interesting because I could feel … there was actually light at the end of this tunnel.”
  • Rachel talks about moving her therapy private practice into a full-time office and how that has affected her business: “The first thing that I noticed or really appreciated was like, ‘Oh, hey, I can leave my mug right here on this table, and then tomorrow I can come pick it up again and nobody will care.’ “
  • Boonie discusses supporting and championing the mental health needs of creative people in her community, as well as helping sensitive and gifted children who think differently by working on her GATE (Gifted and Talented Education) certification. She also has been focusing more on drawing
  • Rachel shares about starting improv comedy classes, including musical improv: “Even though it feels scary, and sometimes I get nervous … there’s no right or wrong; you just do the thing.”
  • Other discussion topics include rejection, balancing work and life, internalized negative beliefs, and Reiki.
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Books we’re reading:

Living With Intensity

Eastern Body, Western Mind


The Instinct to Heal

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone

The Toilet Paper Entrepreneur

Why Good People Do Bad Things


Games We’re Playing:

League of Legends

Magic: The Gathering



Two Dots


Boonie’s Quora response to “Mature ENFP Advice to Younger ENFPs


You can find Boonie at: Organized Messes

You can find Rachel at: Rachel Moore, LMFT


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