17 Boundaries

Boundaries are a big deal. They define where we end and another person begins. They also can be tricky to define and maintain. What happens when our boundaries are too fuzzy? What about when they are too strict? And what about when our boundaries are violated? In this episode, Boonie and Rachel attempt to parse out why boundaries are so important, as well as they best ways to manage them.



“I have boundaries so I can love you without resentment.”

“There’s a risk if my boundaries are too loose… and then if my boundaries are too firm, I think the risk is loneliness.”

“Sometimes we do need to vent (online), but it has to be safe venting.”



Dan Siegel – Books and interventions based on Interpersonal Neurobiology

5 Steps of Conflict Resolution – Boonie’s blog

ENFPs & Oversharing – YouTube


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